Our Services

We have taken a leadership position
in the breath of Research services offered.

With senior staff working directly with clients,
our capabilities incorporate all aspects of online research –
Consumer, B2B, and Physician surveys.

With the resources to conduct online research in 45 countries,
we can access a wide range of both gen pop and specialty panels, including:
healthcare, travel, mobile, automotive, beverages,
executives (all levels), electronics, financial services,
IT, and healthcare providers.

We bring forth an unparalleled expertise
in international marketing research surveys for all types of global market.
With an increasingly need for large-scale consumer and complex surveys,
Market Knowledge Online offers all of the above.

Our goal is to provide clients with effective solutions
to their research needs.

We only look good when our client looks good.

We have successfully completed research studies
of nearly every type that is practical to conduct online:

• Awareness & Usage
• Attitude & Opinion
• Advertising Testing & Recall
• Concept Tests
• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
• Package Testing
• Brand Trackers
• New Product Tests
• Pricing Tests

In addition to extensive Program & Host capabilities,
we frequently develop Segmentation Schemes, Crosstabulations,
and Topline Analyses.

Our proprietary online research enhancement products are unique
in the industry. Most panel companies cannot offer services that supplement
or improve the value of online research results.
When this is required, the client is forced to seek
these services from a third-party source.

Market Knowledge Online has developed proprietary services
designed to complement and strengthen an online research program,
providing more in-depth results:

- Focus Group Design & Moderation
Utilized at times to provide direction for quantitative
survey design & objectives.
Expertise in the design and moderation of online,
telephone, and in-person surveys, or
a combination of these methodologies

- Remote Location Interviewing (RLI)

Highly effective for low incidence studies
With this methodology, we generate additional
completed interviews among the target via
mall intercept, and other appropriate venues
Direct link to survey is provided to prospects

- Statistical Applications
Effective method to reduce study cost without
compromising data integrity

Through proprietary statistical software, online study data
is extrapolated to a larger base and
provides a major advantage for low incidence studies.