Our Guarantee

We Deliver, or Else.

It happens over and over again…
The Client gets a call from the panel company saying that incidence
is lower than projected – so now the cost per complete has just gone up –
and if the study isn’t finished, it may go up again.

What’s incredible in this common scenario is that the panel company
refuses to assume any risk. If the incidence comes in higher, they do not decrease cost.
If the incidence comes in lower, they just raise cost accordingly.
Either way, they protect themselves – not the client.

We believe this is an unacceptable business practice.

Our Guarantee is simple.
We will never increase cost per complete based on a lower incidence,
or a longer survey length.

If incidence turns out to be lower than projected,
we take the hit – we are penalized, not our clients.

Market Knowledge Online delivers on its client commitments,
or else we pay the difference in cost.
This is a Guarantee that is unique in the industry.

We have successfully completed research studies
for nearly every type that is practical to conduct online, including:

•Awareness & Usage
• Attitude & Opinion
• Advertising Testing & Recall
• Concept Tests
• Customer Satisfaction & Loyalty
• Package Testing
• Brand Trackers
• New Product Tests
• Pricing Tests

Customer Satisfaction,
Our goal is to provide clients with effective solutions to their research needs. We only look good when our client look good.

We have taken a leadership position
in the breath of Research services offered
at Market Knowledge Online.