Aggregator Advantage

The truth is out there...

But it’s a truth that panel companies don’t like to admit.
We all know the major factor that determines the cost of online research is incidence –
the lower the incidence, the higher the cost per complete.

Through the hundreds of online studies we have conducted,
we know the primary reason for a low incidence is the limitations of panel data.

In the end, incidence is actually determined by the specific data variables
available from the sample provider.

Day in and day out, over and over again, clients are “penalized”
with higher panel costs based on the panel’s lack of targeted data on their own panelists.

How closely does panel data match study specs?
This is the key question…and the Aggregator Advantage.

With an extensive network of online sample sources,
we select the most targeted, cost-efficient panels based on individual study specs.

We combine multiple panels when necessary, maximizing the number of cost-efficient
completes from each sample provider.

Can a client follow this approach on their own,
working directly with panel providers?

Yes, but the time involved is prohibitive,
and there would be no cost savings.

For most online studies, the advantage we provide
allows us to deliver research results at a highly competitive cost –
and usually in a shorter timeframe – vs.
a stand-alone panel company.